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The Beauty of Pain

A long time ago, when I was thirteen, I made stupid decision in my own life. I want to become the other-self, whoever it was. Due to my mom used to compare me with other girls who had opposite personalities with me. At the same time, my dad demand me to become a super & […]

A Priceless Book

Filosofi Teras is like a quintessence of Stoicism or Stoic Philosophy who founded by Zeno, from Citium, Athens in the early 3rd century. This book talks about the wise strategies when we trap in bad emotional for a long period and how to respond to it. Further, this book also describes the personal journey of the author […]

The Role of Discipline Itself

Over the decades, discipline is like a hard thing to do. Like a big case to crack on. Although, discipline is the way to familiarize yourself to do something frequently until transform to become a habit. For example, if somebody get used to read consistently since they were kid, it will help them to learn […]

The Chosen One

I’m sitting on my dad’s work chair with a cup of Kintamani black coffee. Watching my heart and head are arguing about lots of thing. Two mains of that are about my business creative project which has been postponed for five years and the other one is about my dad’s business living. “You can’t escape the duty […]

Blessing in Disguise from Mt. Argopuro.

In early January 2018, I was invited by an old friend, Kak Bimo, to hike Mount Semeru. But, since he asked me to join I said, I prefer to hike Mount Argopuro caused by Taman Hidup was so interesting. Then my preference was approved. I had known that Argopuro has the longest hiking trails in […]

A Letter To My Old Friends

Dear my old friends, How are you all? Time flies so fast. I hope your life always surrounded by happiness. Personally, through this letter, I just wanna say thank you to you all about what have you done to me. Thank you to accompanied me when my dropping tears hardly to stop, when my emotion and […]

On my hand

Howdy. My name is Dyana. Currently, I only live with my little sister, Sarah, after our parents passed away. My mom died after she loose the battle with breast cancer for the third time in 2014, and my dad went after her because complication due to stroke and liver in last December of 2016. I’m the fifth […]