Dear my old friends,

How are you all? Time flies so fast. I hope your life always surrounded by happiness. Personally, through this letter, I just wanna say thank you to you all about what have you done to me.

Thank you to accompanied me when my dropping tears hardly to stop, when my emotion and mental health were messy, and when I was losing the purpose of my life. You were all into me, substitute all of it, when my family didn’t since I was child.

Nowadays, I had awakening about one thing. You all are only my friends, not my personal assistant from God to protect and always caring to me in your whole life time. I really do apologize caused I once had a period of time to intolerant you as a human. Human whom personally have own problematics and each sufferance.

Because of this, I do write this letter with my whole heartedly, just to say sorry and bunch of thank you.

I hope we can keep in a good way of friendshipness despite lately we are no longer in the same circle like before. 

Best Regards,

Dyana Razaly.

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