I’m sitting on my dad’s work chair with a cup of Kintamani black coffee. Watching my heart and head are arguing about lots of thing. Two mains of that are about my business creative project which has been postponed for five years and the other one is about my dad’s business living.

“You can’t escape the duty before your hands catch the finish line, Dyana.” Said my heart.
“But she has the rights to focus about herself too! She needs to alternate her life focus, not only for her dad continuously.” Rebuttal my head.
“I know it, but she is the one and only who trusted by her dad. Don’t broke the trust, please.” Reply my heart softly.
“This is not about the trust. This is vividly like subjection by her dad. Five years is not a short time, you know! She has to wake up!” Said my head clearly.
“Why are you so stubborn? Look, Dyana still have no problem to continue all of this thing.” Said my heart.
“Still have no problem you said?? Can you using your logic for a while, please?” Ask my head.
“Dyana, say something..” ask them compact.

To be honest, I’m saturating with my current situation, but I have no clue to choose the best one for myself. The heart and head already perform his best side for me. However, I think, time is not created by God to follow anything what human ego wants. Time has the own purpose and fact. So, I decide to let my destiny walking away and choose the best one with his best friend ever, time. I will do accept all the consequences.

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