A long time ago, when I was thirteen, I made stupid decision in my own life. I want to become the other-self, whoever it was. Due to my mom used to compare me with other girls who had opposite personalities with me. At the same time, my dad demand me to become a super & strong girl like the mean of my name. 

Several times, I tried to talk to my dad about what my mom did, but his response just asked me to try understanding towards my mom background education. I had fed up of it.

One day, my mom threw at me a metal glasses until I entered the Emergency Room (ER) then I had fiteen stitches on my head without anesthesia. I thought, my dad told or did something to her, but I was wrong. When I got back home, vaguely I heard, my mom still created some arguments to blame me and never felt guilty. 

In that period, I hated myself, I hated everything. Includes God, who I felt never help me, particularly when my mom did something insane to me. I tried suicide for several time but always failed. I took a very long time to find the peace of my mind and soul also how to accept my given life.

Fourteen years later, after my parents passed away in a couple years ago, I was awaken about something. I absolutely needed to say thank you to my past and sorrow. 

Nowadays I became a strong and independent woman. Also I could enjoy myself after a dozen years become another person for the sake of my parent’s ego. The one thing that I learned from my parents is the importance of communication between parents & children. I won’t ever push my future child like my parents did to me. I was on that position, so, I precisely knew about the hell feeling of it.

Never forget, I also thank you to my parents because they had become the good messenger of this lesson so I saved from the mistake about this one. I can’t denied, it was so hurting but trust me, this time I have been receiving “the fruit” of it.

Value : Pain Serve A Purpose. 

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