My name is Dyana. Currently, I only live with my little sister, Sarah, after our parents passed away. My mom died after she loose the battle with breast cancer for the third time in 2014, and my dad went after her because complication due to stroke and liver in last December of 2016.

I’m the fifth of six family member.

Hardly to say that I have no clue to share about my happy moment with family caused by several personal things. But, I would to share to you the another one.

I have popular name calling from my mom, and significant others with named “Anak Papah”. It caused by my possessive action and reaction only to my lovely dad since I was four. I’d loved to ask whoever and whenever my dad gone, even if when he was in the rest room or slept in another room.

For me, the right decision in my whole life is when I quit from the (very good) position and consciously choose to focused only on my dad’s health issue without any other income. Simply because I felt I had known what will happen in the future, so I didn’t have much consideration to do so.

Soon after, I bravely took the responsible to substitute they role to my little sister in education and her daily basic needs, precisely I really concern about her mind nutritions. It caused by this era, the deluge of information. For me, as part of Y generation, helicopter parenting is a match idea to treat my little sister based on my characteristic. And so far, both side still in a good track. She is a good enough on behave and I am still in a good mood to do it.

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