In early January 2018, I was invited by an old friend, Kak Bimo, to hike Mount Semeru. But, since he asked me to join I said, I prefer to hike Mount Argopuro caused by Taman Hidup was so interesting. Then my preference was approved.

I had known that Argopuro has the longest hiking trails in Java Island. My other friends also told me that Argopuro is too far and will spend a lot of time, energy and money, but somehow I still really want to go to Taman Hidup with any risk. I only have one clear reason why I was too stubborn to go, as simple as I do trust somebody I go with. Kak Bimo has high level of capability and endurances to help and protect me in the wild nature zone.

Two months later, the day came. The four of us went to Argopuro, two males and two females.  At the beginning of hiking, everything seems okay. In every step, I do reflection with my mind about my mental health and the latest issue of my life, until the third day. I got period, in the middle of the jungle. Due to this was out of my prediction so, I crafted many drama and often I  got tempered because of my unstable mood.

As a woman, have you ever wondered, go hiking with the painfulness of menstruation syndrome, the back still have to carry out the heavy bag and at the same time your mind was fully messy about family, debt and career? Oh My God, I couldn’t stop my tears and implicitly I often want to jump to the edge of the cliff, to quit from this hell situation. I really want it. And God almost agree with me.

My cloudy-dark mind was changed after I blackout by hypothermia. When I opened my eyes, I directly saw somebody who sincerely care to me. I precisely know why he treats me like that, so my ego kept rejected him although I feel something. At that time, when I saw him, I feel my dad besides me, taking care of me. Sometimes I thought I just miss my dad who had been back to God, but the more he treated me with his own way, the clearer I feel it.

Kak Bimo said he got interested with me since the first time we met in Mount Munara, 2014. I’ve got several clues but I dont have the same feeling until I got hypothermia in 2018. 

This is pretty odd I thought. And this is why I called this event such a blessing in disguise. Without anxiety, sorrow and suffering, I don’t ever have self-awareness and gratitude when I meet the oase in my life.

Thank God, for the pretty lesson I learned for 7 days in Mount Argopuro and Taman Hidup. Also for the meaning of sincerity from somebody who was previously I underestimated however currently is turned become my fiancee.

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