Filosofi Teras is like a quintessence of Stoicism or Stoic Philosophy who founded by Zeno, from Citium, Athens in the early 3rd century. This book talks about the wise strategies when we trap in bad emotional for a long period and how to respond to it.

Further, this book also describes the personal journey of the author who had MDD (Mental Depressive Disorder) in a couple of years ago. His mental & responsiveness has been truly getting better soon after he always continuously practicing Stoicism in his daily life.

As the author of this book, Henry Manampiring wants more other people knowing and get the same benefit of it too like him. So, he does initiates to crafts life journal (own book) based on Stoic valid source such as Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Enchiridion & Discourses by Epictetus, Letters to A Stoic dan On The Shortness of Life by Seneca, How To Be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci and A Guide to The Good Life by William Irvine. By the several sources of it, he combines with mental health experts perspectives, took some research to get data and so on.

In my opinion, Henry has been gaining success due to his initiatives. He did an awesome job of re-package the heavy materials like philosophy into a lighter way and with the urban style of writing for the precise target market who are recently need it, Millennials & Generation Z.

The big three points who has been so enamored me are about :

  1. Dichotomy / Trichotomy of Control. Tells about what is in our control (our perception, our mood, etc), and what is not (people respond/comment, destiny etc).
  2. S-T-A-R (Stop-Think-Assessment-Respond). Before we give the reaction, we obviously need to do this technique. So, it helps us to avoid the regret due to give the wrong responds.
  3. Premediatio Marolum. We are encouraged to prevent the worst case with imagining the worst ever case, so that we will never too down when the reality comes.

I give the book 5 stars since I think it is important for me and others to learn much more about emotional management.

Personally, I highly recommend this book and bravely called this book is priceless because for myself, I awaken about how to handle negative thought and mood swing. 

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